Taking Care at Home

- Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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Taking Care at Home

There has been a bit of press in and around the dreaded Flu Bug that is typically at this time of year taking over most families in some shape or form. Last year’s highly publicised flu shots, by all accounts did not quite seem to have the desired effect, as the vaccine was working, for the most part - on the previous year’s strains of viruses.
As a home based business, sick days or recovery time is not as convenient, given that the impact of illness on the business is usually far greater. Here are some points to consider to keep the wheels turning in your business.

Flu Shots

I spoke with a Chemist this afternoon, who confirmed that whilst the flu shot is recommended, it only goes part of the way towards immunisation and resistance towards seasonal influenza. Simply put, it is better to have the shots to at least increase your bodies chemical resistance to those nasties.

Vitamins and Boosters

Another bit of advice given, is to boost up on your intake of Vitamin C, D and Zinc, and whilst this can be extracted from natural foods, the pill varieties are sometimes more convenient and concentrated.

Hand Washing Regime

Most of us know the importance of hand washing, but even more so if you work from home as spaces are normally more confined and are shared resources with family and friends. It is not a bad idea at this time of year to regularly use an anti-bacterial hand sanitiser (maybe have one conveniently placed on or near your workspace).

Mattress Sanitisation

Most of us have little idea what is lurking in our mattresses. A little known fact is there is at most times, up to 2 million dust mites in a queen sized mattress that come out at night and feed off dead skin that is dropped whilst we are sleeping. It is a good idea to have your mattress professionally sanitised at least twice a year, regardless of age. The most effective method by far is one that uses UVC light to kills bed bugs mites and eggs, with a powerful extraction system that will remove all traces after application. This also may go a ways towards the improved health of your sleep.

Home Disinfection

Again, it is highly recommended that you get your entire home disinfected at least twice a year. This is typically done by a specialist technician that will apply an electrostatic spray to cover all areas of your home, using an environmentally friendly hospital grade disinfectant, eradicating all those bugs, viruses and germs, in those hard to reach places.

Keep well !!
“If you think wellness is expensive...then try illness !" - Anonymous
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