Relationship Capital - The Most Valuable Asset

Dr Jim Taggart - Thursday, October 12, 2017
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Industry elder, Adjunct Professor and Chairman of Mentor Education, Jim Taggart, OAM, UND, talks to his peers in this article about what he considers to be the most valuable (and under-rated) balance sheet asset an adviser can possess – their ‘Relationship Capital’…


First Date or Fright Night?

Adeelle Judilla - Thursday, June 01, 2017
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Making the effort to look great will also make you feel fantastic, and it will give you the confidence to walk into a room to meet your date, who may be your future.

First impressions do count, however you need to keep it real and be able to reproduce “your look” for any future dates. Hiring a professional to do your hair and makeup for your first date isn’t the best idea, if you want some help perhaps book a professional stylist to teach you how to do your hair, makeup, wardrobe or all the above. This way you can be authentic on the night and being true to yourself will help you find your true love.

Ladies choose your best feature for makeup and play to your strengths, if lips are your asset keep in mind red and dark lipsticks are high maintenance when it comes to eating and kissing. You can still give your lips definition and presence with more natural tones and glosses.

Guys, assuming a quick shower is all you need is a little naive, aftershave (not too much) and ironed clothes are also a necessity when you are looking to impress. The biggest oversight for some men is the lack of hair product, if you are not sure how to manage your hair, ask your barber or hairdresser when you next get a cut for some style advice. If you are a man working hard in the trades there is a good chance your hands need some attention, you can simply combine granulated sugar or salt with olive or coconut oil and use it as a hand scrub, this will remove any rough skin and add moisture back to your hands. Clip and clean your nails, there is nothing worse than you saying cheers over a lovely glass of vino and all your date notices are dirty finger nails.

Enjoy flirting and having fun meeting that special someone.


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Is It Time For A Style Change?

Adeelle Judilla - Thursday, May 18, 2017
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I can’t tell you how many clients say “I have been doing the same makeup since I was 21 years old and I’m now 45, but I do not know what else to do” and when I hear this I can’t help but think back to so many Sex and The City quotes by Carrie Bradshaw, especially this one “Maybe the past is like an anchor holding us back. Maybe you have to let go of who you were to become who you will be”. I think this statement by Carrie is about relationships, however it can also apply to our beauty routine and being stuck in a style rut. Perhaps you need to update your makeup application, hair style or wardrobe.

How do we do this? Number one is awareness and acceptance that you need change, and that you may need to break old habits. There are various options to learn how to update your look, a lot of people like to watch YouTube tutorials which is great, and the downside to this is that it is not a personal experience. Another option is to have a style session with a professional stylist that can also teach you how to apply your new look. Men can also ask their Barber or Hairdresser for some style tips when getting a haircut, and don’t be afraid to learn what hair products are best for you.

As we mature our skin and hair experiences changes so we also need to make decisions about how we wear the aging process. Do you go with grey hair or colour it, do you need to change your skin products, perhaps you may want to use cosmetic injections. Going with nature or not is a personal choice, but both can be obtained with modern styling and looking your best.


What will be the new Beauty Buzz for 2017?

- Thursday, April 06, 2017
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The word on the street is “inside beauty” is where it begins in 2017.  

Health and Fitness Goals – Where does Nutrition fit?

- Thursday, March 02, 2017
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When it comes to changing habits around the foods we eat, to many, nutrition can come fairly easy. Unfortunately for others this can prove very difficult. 

Top Tips for a Flawless Foundation

- Tuesday, December 06, 2016
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The perfect make-up starts with a flawless foundation and that starts with the right colour, texture and technique. Follow these 5 steps to create the perfect canvas for your make-up.  

Spring Carnival Hair

- Thursday, September 22, 2016
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There are many options for styling your hair to compliment your Racing frock and head piece/hat, a few suggestions you could consider are a stylish wave, a messy bun, a sophisticated pony tail or an elegant bun.  

Personal Presentation in the Workplace

- Friday, August 26, 2016
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Within 10 seconds of entering a room you are judged on your appearance, so first impressions do count. Your personal presentation in the workplace can play an important role in how successful you may or may not be.


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