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Running a business today requires such a diverse range of skills and expertise. We are generally masters of our product or service but when it comes to the legal side of business, marketing, accounting or even staffing, we often need the support of specialists in various fields. As a member of Home Base Business Network you have access to the expertise you need, when you need it most.

Simply login to your member’s area and select a coach. At HBBN we are proud to have some of Australia’s best business minds ‘on the bench’ to help you win in business. Coaches in law, marketing, HR, IT, finance and more – all just a click away.

Once you have selected a coach you can email them directly with your question or issue and they will respond directly to you within 24 hours. If you require a more in-depth session with any of our coaches then special rates will be offered for being a valued member of HBBN.

Dr. Jim Taggart
Community and Networking
In 1987, Jim entered the finance industry and has successfully developed his businesses since to service over 5,000 clients.
Tony Eades
Brand and Marketing
Tony is the Director of Brand Strategy at BrandManager, a digital inbound marketing agency in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.
Stephen Garrard
Local Council
Steve is the Senior Co-Ordinator of Economic Development at The Hills Shire Council. Steve’s focus and passion is to support and provide local businesses with the right information to make better business decisions.
Bev Jordan
Charity and Community
Bev is a professional senior journalist with Hills Shire Times who has a passion for the community and charity events in particular. Bev's role on The Bench is to help you connect with your community, get engaged with charities and find a story about your business that is news worthy.
Chris Dunn
Senior Consultant
Chris Dunn is a Senior Consultant with Watts McCray Lawyers at Norwest, Parramatta and Sydney. Watts McCray provide legal assistance to individuals and SMEs in commercial and business law, property transactions, succession planning, Wills and estates and family law.
Jerome Sattrukalsinghe
From significant savings with the world's best Airlines to value-driven Conference Management and Planning, Jerome is exceptionally friendly, knowledgable and professional about both Corporate and Personal Travel.
Jeff Hurdis
Money and Finance
Jeff has a strong sales leadership background and currently leads the NSW/ACT Small Business team for Westpac.
Bev Barnfather
Network Mentoring
Bev is the Owner and CEO of Ladybird Mentoring, a division of Ladybird Group. Bev has always believed that establishing great relationships in business and life is absolutely paramount. Good relationships are built over time and rely on trust, respect and feeling valued.
Evelyn Lester
Training and Management
Evelyn Lester is the Local Controller of the NSW SES Hills Unit. She has over 18 years experience working long hours, handling volunteers, communication and networking.
Peter Groeneveld
Computers and Networks
Peter founded Computer Network Integration P/L in 1997 specialising in the support of Apple Mac and Windows computers, servers, networks and devices. His motto - "Your peace of mind about your computing is important to us too" is central to his Vision and Mission.
Sheila Cabacungan
Certified Financial Planner
Sheila Cabacungan is the Principle Financial Planner and owner of Carnegie Financial Planning. For Sheila, Financial Planning is about delivering 3 things for every client; Hope to create new possibilities for the future that move and inspire you to act in service of that future, Peace from financial uncertainty and worries about money and a sense of Plenty, knowing that you have “enough” to live a life you love.
Simon Chhoeu
Accounting (FCPA)
Simon has over 16 years extensive experience in the financial planning and accounting industry. As a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and CA Financial Planning Specialist, he specialises in helping clients achieve their lifestyle and financial needs in the area of retirement planning, tax planning, estate planning, wealth creation strategies and superannuation.


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Charity to partner with

HBBN support the work of the Salvation Army and have chosen them as their charity to partner with.
10% of all profits made at HBBN go to the Salvation Army, so they can help those in our community who need it most. Thank you for your membership with HBBN, it not only helps you in your business but 10% of it is donated to to those in need.